When I met Jinnah!

When I met Jinnah!

Tehreem Imran

BS CHEMISTRY - 6th semester

A night before yesterday, tired of playing video games, I spent a whole night watching an American season. It was about 3 or 4 AM that night when I went to sleep though the laptop was still showing the moving characters on screen. Few moments pass when I saw myself walking on the roads of old Britain, beautifully built buildings of old London, boys with overcoats and ties, girls with hats and gowns and coats. Then I came across a coffee shop. The tables were aligned and many masses were enjoying their coffee with fine music of a violin.

I grabbed one of the empty tables and started staring outside from the glass window of the shop. Suddenly I saw a man wearing a black dinner suit and red tie; he had a mesmerizing grace in his walk. And a brilliant shine in his eyes. He grabbed my attention at once and I was surprised to see him on the door of my destination. He kept walking and reached my table in a short while; I stood up in a trance and looked in his eyes. It felt that his eyes might know me, he smiled and asked: “How are you, little girl? Don’t worry I know you and I was waiting for you for years.”

I was really surprised and said: “I am fine but who are you? And how do you know me?”

He enjoyed my curiosity and passed a mysterious smile and ordered two coffees and sat on one of the chairs. There was a short gap of silence and then he continued. “Well, I am one of your well-wishers and I came here to ask about some of the things I handed over you. But before that, I want to give you a gift.”

He opened one of his hands and gave me a tiny green box whose border was covered with gold stones and asked me to open this when he will be gone.

I glanced at him and then at the box and carefully kept the box at the table. He asked:” Hey girl! Do you like to read history?”

“I remembered the history very keenly during the early years of my school but then I lost that passion and engaged myself in games. Why are you asking that?”I said.

“Because of my dear! Those pages are the only places where I live.” He said with extreme grief.

“Do you live in books only? That how did you know me?”

“I know you, my dear.... because you are one of the souls who are my hope. You are the one who can bring me out of the books I want to let my words to be spoken by your tongue and actions.”

“Am I that precious for you? “

“Yes... He closed his eyes witheternal stress and said: how is the land? Does it shines or darks have covered it?”

“You know it already but do you want me to tell you again? Why you want to listen to the facts which will make you more stressed and unhappy?”

“Ahh! I know... I know that my people have gone astray. They forgot how to shine... they beg and purchase technology but they don’t want to make that. Every person wants to kill another and I am watching it sitting quietly.”

Suddenly the coffee came and his face faded under the smoke.

But he was the man of hope, the man of strength. He told me not to be worried.

And said: “do you know Tehreem, who I am? I am Jinnah; I fought with a sky-high determination with east and west both and made a castle for you. Only for you girl.

Remember! I am giving you my eyes, and I want you to see the friends and enemies of your castle with my eyes. I want you to see the world with the determination with which I saw once.”

I was looking at him but my words were silent.

He stood up and looked in my eyes “keep my alive...keep me alive in you ‘’ He left me, a few moments later I saw the green box and opened.

A green and white flag with crescent and star was shining in my hands.

I kissed my gift and kept in my pocket with great care.

I opened my eyes; I was there in my room, the laptop still showing some moving men and women inside. But there was a mysterious aroma of coffee around and a small box was there in my hand.

I promised to keep him alive in myself … I will never let him die.

We will never let him die………