Courage Begets Courage

Courage Begets Courage

Kiran Gul

Department of Humanities and Social Sciences


It was the last time the boy could gaze at the fainted crescent that dwelled in the mystic and bizarre light of the night sky. Surrounded by his beloved ones, he could feel the immenseness of agony that accumulated somewhere in the hollowness of his mind.  “Disfavouring of fate, undoubtedly, that was it”, the boy thought to himself.   

 His heart was throbbing faster than usual. Echoing in his mind were the words of the ones who took control of his stretcher, the voice uttered, “Please, stay here, its doctor’s order”. And slowly but surely, it all begins to be vague and dimed. “Belief in the loftiness of Allah, surely his highness will turn plight into pleasure”, the doctor said consolingly.

Hope was still remotely existing and claiming its fading eternity dispiritedly. There came a nurse and said, “Who is the father of the boy?” Al –Hirat, the boy’s mother responded in a sinking voice, “He will be here in a few hours from now”.

Getting the comprehension of what the nurse wanted, she went straight to the reception following the seemingly lengthy lane of the corridor where a couple of light bulbs blinked abruptly, as they needed replacement. “Father, something is draining my soul. Father,” The unconscious boy yelled unknowingly.

The doctor, well informed about the absence of the father of the boy, asked his assistant to inject the boy with another dose of local anesthesia. And the boy fell silent. Doctor, unaware of the boy`s illness, was trying to lessen the mystic incline in the temperature of his body but all in vain.

“Good evening all the members of the national medical alliance! You all have been summoned here to let you all be in the know about hovering precariousness and insecurity, the outburst of an ultramicroscopic viral epidemic that has been under the study of our virologists but still not any breakthrough has been observed. Not only we but a couple of other countries are also known to be invaded by this nightmare which is being materialized and effectuated. It is to keep your eyes peeled and be on alert to put down its efficacy and minimize its potency by saving as many lives as we can, to protect our beloved ones from the pitilessness of invisible and implacable enemy.” And the address continued.

Dr. Imran, one of the members of this formal meeting, a little worried but still a lot thoughtful was pondering and reflecting to play his role to overthrow this pandemic virus. The meeting ended. Dr. Imran departed to reach the hospital where he performed his duty diligently. Dr. Imran was a man of faith and a true flag-waver. Though he was a doctor his immoderate affection and irresistible adherence towards his nation as well as his fatherland never lost consciousness. Alongside, he was also a responsible guy towards his family.

Dr. Imran arrived at the hospital and went straight to his office to study the cautions to deal with any infected person that had come in touch with that fatal virus. Weariness took over him due to the exceedingly hectic schedule of his day, he became exhausted. Thus, he put aside the article concerning the warfare of this epidemic, he leaned his forehead against the wooden table adorned with the green table-cover with piles of medical articles lying on the table haphazardly and a thought arose in his mind which prevailed all else. That aura submerged him in a reflection of his family especially his children. The very next day, the way he left his room hurriedly, it was figuring something unusual. He hastened his pace towards the hospital which was about half a kilometer away from the hostel he dwelled in.

He rushed into the hospital and to his surprise, he saw the waiting area teeming with distressed and vexed faces. A man came running towards Dr. Imran and said laconically, “Sir! It’s a medical emergency, dozens of ailing and sickish individuals are being admitted and reported to have fallen prey to an unacquainted illness.”

 “As it was feared ...” doctor soliloquized and hastened hotfoot towards the emergency ward. “Get the equipment and other stuff ready quickly”. “Ok sir”, said that man.  And the doctors there in the hospital started the treatment with very fundamental and minute comprehension and familiarity with inapproachable foe-virus. Once that the precariousness took over, the chain continued to elongate, but never let up.

Days turned into months, the epidemic became unthinkably worst than the extent it was foreseen and thought off. It quickly scattered its devilry and darkness to every nook and corner of the country as it blurred the radiance of natural life. Doctors continued to strain every nerve to lessen the potential impact of the virus but the outbreak was so terrible and immense that it was seemingly irrepressible.

Dr. Imran, so dedicated and plunged in the atmosphere of devoutness, was performing his job more dutifully than many. This virus, officially acknowledged as “CORONA” was the bone of contention between existence and demise. Dr. Imran, following all the safety precautions as a responsible citizen, was so enveloped in the vibe of the hospital that he had become unaware of dawn and dusk. Often did he reminisce his beloved ones but the inside of him was overrunning with a tremendous sense of obligation, shaped a souring situation where he hung between his kinships and his obligation.  Whatever there was written on his forehead as his fortune couldn’t be displaced, relocated or washed. Though, he poured ocean on his forehead. He was a man of nerve; the situation necessitated him to be indomitable.

It was the first week of the second month; the boy could hardly muster the oxygen to oxygenate his body. Yes, he was prey to the CORONA virus; probably he was the very first victim in his country. His kinships i.e., his mother and sister were never sanctioned again to meet him. Al-Hirat, boy’s mother, talked to herself in a profoundly grieved voice, “how can someone be this helpless before the mightiness of destiny? My son, the apple of my eye, is battling against the brutality and nastiness of the grim reaper and I am incapable to shield him against the harshness of unfamiliar cosmic powers”.  She enveloped herself in the stillness of sorrow.

Sooner, a disaster emergency was enforced by governing authorities and it started to take the form of lockdown. The majority of the population was compelled to stay in their homes to shun the boundless spread of the lethal virus. It was first-ever time in history that the global village instead of being thought upon as a blessing and grace was rather feared to be a death trap due to conciseness and easily traveling as the viral infection was spreading ceaselessly.

“Hello! Dr. Imran, you are hereby summoned to attend a meeting of NMA to discuss the probability of vaccine synthesis along with the other members of the NMA,” mentioned the E-mail received by Doctor Imran today in the morning.

In the meeting, it was discussed that how much possibility exists if a serious try was given to the synthesis of a biochemical which could cure Corona infection. Few virologists along with Dr. Imran showed self-assurance and tried to persuade authorities and prevailed. Ultimately, they won the opportunity to try themselves for their people against a deceptive and unseen enemy.

A fully equipped laboratory was given under the control of a panel for the research purpose. Needless to mention, Dr. Imran was one of the members of this committee. The investigation and examination initiated. Every aspect of the viral infectious victim was thoroughly placed under scrutiny. And the investigation continued for the sake of advancement defensively.  Dr. Imran’s soul was overburdened and was severely traumatized by the agony and anxiety.

“How could he be so unconcerned about his beloved son? Is that he forgot his kin for his contractual obligation? Did he misuse his volition as well as pronounce the voice of his soul incorrectly? Even after being well-aware about the pain of his only son, he remained so heedless”, his soul bombarded dozens of questions to his mind accountably. Although his soul reproached his mentality he was nowhere wide of the mark. He knew about the illness of his child.

“But he is there being treated for his ill-health by doctors, very much similar to how I could have tried to restore his health. And what I am doing is not a mere contract but my duty, a responsibility, a commitment towards the people who need my assistance, the people who harken for a messiah. What if Allah Almighty has chosen me to be a messiah for some souls while I fail to figure out that? Indeed, this is sacred trade with Allah, the ruler of all,” Dr. Imran addressed his conscience, trying to soothe his heart.  

The boy was breathing scarcely and uncertainly, counting the last moments of his life. “My dear son,” Dr. Imran revealed his presence to his son in a withering voice.

“Today, speechlessness prevails over me and no word can disclose my shooting pain. I am here to feed your blurring sight, to comfort and lessen the extremity of torment that shredded your tender soul. Your courage never disappeared while you were battling against an unmatched foe.  You, even after being alone, battled well above your level, a battle that forewarned others to be aware of plight. Never misestimate your daringness and boldness and not ever be from those who are mere weak victims but be like a warrior who fought for his pride as long as the green meadow turned into yellow. Secure your freedom, not ever let your inner-self be doomed. Fear is the attribute of unman so make the fear tremble with your overwhelming fearlessness. Indeed, the end of one life begets a way better life which is, undeniably, eternal. God’s unending realm is habitat for your future self.”

The boy raised his hand above the bed and his father, instantly, grabbed the softer hand. It was the touch that marked the moment of separation. The boy slept perpetually on the death bed. Glowing like transparent pearls were the teardrops that incorporated intense sentimentalization. Dr. Imran came out of the ICU lifelessly.

“Here he is, Doctor Imran. It is him, whose son is there in the ICU. They say he wouldn’t recover again out of this illness” whispered a voice from the nook not too far.

“Hmm! so this doctor is the father of that boy. Surely, they will strain every nerve of theirs’ in order to get him well again; these doctors are totally partisan and biased. They do seek every possibility of treatment if someone from their family falls ill but pay no heed to other patients discriminately”, murmured another voice wickedly.

“But I’ve heard that Dr. Imran is faithful to his duty and never treats patients like customers.” Said the first voice.

“It’s not like that all of them are inhuman and callous, they are all same”, the badness intensified in the second voice.

Dr. Imran just passed by, therefore, heard the conversation unintentionally.

Days slipped like sand does when pressed in one’s hand.

The wound in the soul of Dr. Imran was still raw. Those merciless words still echoed in his mind. Consequently, it halved his spirit and squeezed his heart.

“Is the human race like that?” Dr. Imran thought to himself.

“People are so thankless and not thanks-giving, even to the favours of Allah. This globe is teeming with billions of humans, trillions of insects and other countless creatures but Allah never leaves anybody unfed even if it is a small and weak as a snail or as cunning and burly as human beings. But there is something to be optimistic about. That is, not all people are the same, very much like not all the pots are fashioned the same way even though the potter is the same. Verily, there is a powerful bonding of interrelatedness between boon and bane…”

There it was, the reason to continue his task i.e., Vaccine synthesis. It didn’t matter that how people make you face the opprobrium and vilify you as long as you take hold of your spirit and make it follow the righteousness.

Dr. Imran re-joined the panel which was, by now, working on the research about the malicious microorganism i.e., Coronavirus.

The members of the panel examined the microorganism meticulously. Biological problem-solving techniques and tactics were being given careful tries. Working on the same ground for the same sense of benevolence toward mankind especially the people of their own country stimulated the undying zeal and zest which nourished their proficiency, alongside, the skilfulness. After so much tireless and unparallel work, they succeeded to synthesize the vaccine.

After a number of successful tests and check-ups, the vaccine was brought within the range of all and sundry. The vaccine was bought and donated by many charity welfare foundations. Patients begin to recover quickly. The dispersed affliction started to shrink its dark shad. Within few months, the pandemic ultra-microorganism was subdued. Apparently, the effect of the virus showed to be receding back. Thousands of Priceless lives were saved. The natural life initiated to normalize and even groomed further. During these days earthlings became so tired of being fastened to dullness and greyness of another side of life that the aspiration to colorize the life by being nature friendly overtook their insides. They were able to nurture their inner selves to exemplary heights. This epidemic was the source of willingness to heighten human relations and human morals. It proved the nobleness of man-kind over other masses of creations.

“Pain and joy are companions. Pain has to be felt as it glorifies your soul. Nature is the greatest of all physicians so believe in him and have his remedy to soothe the infinity of your self-chosen anguish,” Dr. Imran meditated.

The unconquerable approach and undying courage of Dr. Imran bestowed him the pride, the veneration and most importantly, the immortality of his name.

Never doubt the bountifulness of life. Life is not more generous to others than to the one whose courage fills the colours in life, the one who inflates aliveness in someone defenseless and unprotected and the one whose presence in God’s sphere shatters the hopelessness and shiver all the fears. Courage begets courage and the chain continues. Nature inspires you, now what to do? Simply pass it on, inspire others with ever-increasing love for creatures of Allah. Surely you are a messiah for someone awaiting you so never let the disappointments and callousness of a few, create an impact on the life of those for whom you are a godsend.