Top 10 interesting facts about Pakistan

Top 10 interesting facts about Pakistan

Maryam Zafar

Department of Chemistry


The Islamic Republic of Pakistan came into being on 14 august 1947. The Muslims of the subcontinent, after prolonged slavery under the British Government, freed themselves and came to be known as Pakistanis.

Pakistan has the most attractive tourist sites. Tourists from all over the world visit the country to enjoy the beauty of nature. It has many ancient places which are the sites of tourism and also are the sites of studying the ancient culture of Pakistan. Pakistan has produced several genius personalities such as Dr. Abdus Salam, Abdul Sattar Edhi, etc. that have helped Pakistan a lot in the achievement of the impossible. Listed below are 10 interesting facts about Pakistan you did not know:

The Name Pakistan

The name Pakistan was given by Choudhary Rehmat Ali in 1933, WHO PUBLISHED A PAMPHLET now or never. He used it as an acronym for Thirty Million Muslim Brethren Who lives in Pakistan. It is derived from Two different words, The first one is PAK, it is a Persian word meaning Holy, Sacred, or pure. While the second part ISTAN is derived from another language i.e Hindi meaning ‘A place’.

World’s Largest Football Producing Country

Football is a game played around and loved by the whole world. Well, Pakistan is the country that produces the world’s finest footballs. The World Cup’s Football Brazuka was sewn in Pakistan’s country Sialkot. The workers in this city sew the balls by hand and make them ready for transport to the whole world. Roughly 40% of all the soccer footballs around the world are made in the city of Sialkot.

The First Pakistani Computer Virus

The First PC virus was created by two Pakistanis named Basit Farooq Alvi and Amjad Farooq Alvi who lived in the Lahore sector of Pakistan. The first virus was released in January 1986 by the name BRAIN. It was the first virus that affected the computer. It infects the boot sector of Storage media which are formatted with DOS File allocation Table.

Noble Prize Winners

Pakistan has two noble prize winners. The first one is Dr. Abdul Salam and the second one is Malala Yousafzai. Dr. Abdul Salam was a theoretical physicist. He won a Noble prize in 1979. It was shared with Sheldon Glashow and Steve Weinberg. They made a theory by the name Electron weak unification theory. The second noble prize winner is Malala Yousafzai. She is a Pakistani Activist. She works for women's empowerment. She is most commonly known for advocacy of human rights as she promoted the education of women and also of the children in the valley of swat in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa. She fought against the rules that did not allow their girls from going to school. Such rules were imposed by the local Taliban of that time.

K2 Mountain

Some of the world’s highest mountain peaks are found in Pakistan including K2 which is the world’s second-largest peak with an altitude of 8,611 meters or if measured in feet it comes out to be 28,251 feet.

Top National Anthem, Tune of the World

The inspiring, beautiful, motivational and rhymic poetry make Pakistan’s national anthem the number one ranked tune in the world. Hafeez Jullundhari wrote the national anthem of Pakistan and was composed by musician Ahmad G Chagla. Pakistan also holds the record of Most people singing the anthem” simultaneously.

The World’s Largest Ambulance Network

“Edhi Foundation” is doing remarkable work in Pakistan. It is Pakistan’s largest non-profit social welfare program. Edhi foundation runs the world’s largest ambulance network in Pakistan.

World’s Largest Irrigation System

About 25% of the total land area in Pakistan is under cultivation and it’s watered by the world’s largest irrigation system which is Pakistan. Pakistan irrigates 3 times more acres than Russia.
Also, Changa Manga is one of the largest man-made, man-planned, and man-grown forests in the world. It covers about 12,000 acres area.

Largest Earth’s Filled Dam

Tarbela Dam in Pakistan on the Indus river is the largest filled dam on planet Earth and it is 2nd largest by structural volume. It is the major source of irrigation, generation of electricity, and controlling floods.

The World’s 7th Largest Standing Force

On international ranking, Pakistan’s armed forces are the 7th largest armed forces in the world, with a manpower of 642000. Pakistan also has one of the best-trained air force pilots in the world and the hero of the trained air force is Mehmud Alam who crushed five Indian planes in less than a minute and made a world record. The Largest number of troops to serve the UN peace-keeping missions are providing by Pakistan.

This is only a glimpse. Pakistan has much more to whom it should proud. May Pakistan be prosperous day by day and be in Allah’s protection forever. Ameen!