To Hear the Voice of Your Heart

To Hear the Voice of Your Heart

Kinza Raza

BS Zoology


Your conscience is like a little voice inside of you that tells you when you are right and when you are wrong. In this world, only some people can hear this voice. Those people who can hear this voice always go on the right path and make the right decisions in life and you will see in the world you carry in your heart. A heart is a small piece of our body.

It consists of different emotions. Before any decision we have to make, we hear a voice that shows us the way and directs us toward what is right. From the moment we wake up in the morning, wherever we may go and whatever we may do, this voice accompanies us. Nobody else can hear it but that voice speaks to us of justice, moral virtue, humility, honesty and sincerity; in short everything good. This internal voice that shows us the way and commands us to do what is right is the voice of the conscience. Inspiration of the heart is a blessing from Allah.

The voice of the conscience is Allah’s inspiration to everyone, in other words, a form of revelation, in that sense, everyone, and even every living thing, receives revelation, although that revelation is not a verbal one, of course. In contrast to the revelation that came to the prophets, this is inspired in the heart. Allah says in the Qur’an that he sends revelation to some living things: “Your Lord revealed to the bees: ‘Build dwellings in the mountains and the trees, and also in the structures which men erect.” (AlQuran, 16: 68)

Through revelation, Allah inspires bees on how to build their hives and where to find food. He reveals to ants how to live as a colony, how to raise their young and how to build magnificent ant cities. As revealed in the verse, “all living things act and know what to do through Allah’s inspiration”.   A blessing that distinguishes between right and wrong.

Inspiration from Allah is a blessing that leads the believers to goodness and permits them to distinguish between good and bad.  Since the conscience is inspired by Allah, it is common to all people and by means of the conscience, Allah reveals to everyone the finest and best behavior that is most pleasing to Him. Yet some people are weak and overcome by their lower selves, and end up following the path of Satan. These people have some surprising characteristics in common. For example, they dislike anything that is legitimate. They prefer unlawful earnings to lawful ones. If someone is honest and sincere and abides by his conscience, then he will also be a balanced person.

Someone who acts in line with his conscience will know how to avoid evil and thus always act correctly. However, the commands of one’s conscience may sometimes conflict with one’s own interests; a person of deep faith will resolve that conflict by heeding his conscience. So, hear the voice of your heart and believe only in Allah in every situation. Someone who does not use his conscience may well decide against running to help the injured if he witnesses a road accident, fearing that he may be held responsible for it and may end up being arrested. Yet someone with a lofty conscience will face any risks to try to get to those people and help them, and will never invent any excuses not to. Someone knows in his heart, or conscience, that if he fails to help those people when he has the opportunity to do so, he will be responsible for their deaths. Everyone is responsible for making the best use of this blessing that Allah inspires in his heart. So be sincere in life and help the people and hear the voice of your heart.