Effects of Smart Phone on Learner’s Career

Effects of Smart Phone on Learner’s Career

Shafaq Mursaleen

BS English


In today’s digital world, technology is improved in such a way that individuals communicate, think and learn. It determines how people interact with each other on daily basis. As we have smartphones which are the best example of communication and use for other purposes. Smartphones plays important role in society but it also has a negative role as well “how it Affect learner’s career”.

The smartphone performs many functions of a computer, typing having a touchscreen interface, Internet access, and an operating system capable of running downloaded apps. It’s a human-made device to make many of the tasks to be done quickly and easily like online shopping, emails, etc. smartphones are helpful to us but these smart devices play a negative role that affects society and individuals. They affect learner’s careers which affect their future life. Students using smartphones get involved in social media which keeps them in touch with everything it may be the latest fashion of different brands, new cell phones, the celebrities on-trend, the famous food, etc. They get engrossed in such a way they don’t know anything happening around them. The concentration on studies gets weaker. Assignments given to students are completed on time but these assignments are not done by exploring but students copy and paste all material and submit it. Students never explore things from the book. They stop reading a book which causes a lack of vocabulary and speaking skills. This act doesn’t allow a person to interact with the real-world and people around them. This act affects the career of a student.

These smartphones grab the concentration of a student. They waste their time doing different activities such as texting useless messages to a friend or on the wrong number, doing a call to friends or on wrong numbers, downloading different apps. Such activities waste the time of a student that can affect a career in future life. Some of the students get trap by wrong calls which involve them in crimes and illegal activities such as bullying and harassment. Wasting time in such activities does affect the career of a student. The use of such an expensive mobile affects the health of a person such as eyesight. A student applying job in the army is tested medically so eyesight weakness becomes the major effect of a career where students are not selected which affects their career as well as life. Same as lack of version, Anxiety, stress, and depression are some major problems are faced by students. According to studies and research, students fail to set their goals due to a confused state of mind.

In conclusion, smartphones are helpful and beneficial but the negative use of smartphones can cause damage to health and career. Students should use the phone not to waste their time in different activities to spoil their career but students should use smartphones in a positive way that should not affect their careers such as communication, learning and exposure to great latest things, ways to personality development, ideas to succeed in business and much more. This will help students in doing good things and it helps a lot in career building.